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In response to security risks, the Government of Samoa has implemented the International Ship and Port Facility and Security (ISPS) Code. Foreign and Samoan trading vessels also have maritime security plans.

Increased security measures include establishing forums for information sharing between Government Agencies and regulated port users; new and upgraded fencing and gates; restricted access to sensitive areas; background checking of port workers through the introduction of the Maritime Security Identification Cards,  signage, access controls and closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance; perimeter patrols; and increased monitoring of port precincts, including the waterside.


Persons requiring access to port facilities will require a form of identification recognized by the port. In addition, persons will be required to hold a Maritime Security Identification Card.

The Maritime Security Identification Card is issued to individuals where his or her occupation or business interests require, or will require, him or her to have unmonitored and unescorted access to a maritime security zone more than once a year. The Port still controls access to the maritime security zone and the card holder must show that the holder has met the minimum security requirements and proved they are required to work unescorted or unmonitored in a maritime security zone.

Non Maritime Security Identification Card holders – Persons with a legitimate business reason to access port facilities but do not hold an Maritime Security Identification Card or a port recognized identification will be considered visitors. Such visitors will require escort at all times. Special arrangements for access and escort will need to be made by the applicant prior to arrival..

Maritime Security Identification Card requirement – An individual required to hold an ID card can include:

  • Port, port facility and port service workers;
  • Stevedores and linesmen;
  • Transport operators such as truck drivers;
  • Seafarers on Samoan regulated ships;
  • Persons that provide services on vessels at security regulated faculties such as:
  • repair contractors;
  • maintenance contractors;
  • providors delivering direct to vessels;
  • service providers such as fumigators and surveyors;
  • CCTV Security guard checks for authorised access

Samoa Ports Authority owns and operates Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in accordance with an established Code of Practice and is subject to state and federal law. The CCTV will be operated fairly within the applicable law and only for the purposes for which it is established or which are subsequently agreed in accordance with the Code of Practice.


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